The 2019 BOE election is a vote for the future. Cherry Hill is at a crossroads and your decision will affect the next 50 years of our community. Critical decisions are being made in our district that have significant financial and educational impact. We want to make decisions that bring Cherry Hill forward and create a school district we can all be proud of!

Our Platform

Dedicated Security Bond

We are committed to securing our schools using a rational, cost effective security strategy that adheres to state and federal best practices.  We recognize that urgent short term security improvements need to be made across all schools and recommend a dedicated security bond to address these needs.  We endorse the districts ad hoc committee on security and look forward to working with committee members to create an actionable plan that will keep our students safe.

Achievement Gap

We advocate a standardized, data driven approach to identify students in need through grade level assessments and state mandated testing.  Closing performance gaps in the classroom requires a detailed analysis of not only race, but also income, sex, English language proficiency and learning disabilities.  Deeper analysis of the demographic data will help our teachers and staff give our students the help they need to succeed in our schools.

Community Empowerment

We believe that community involvement is the key to healthy, thriving school district.  We encourage community members to be involved in the education process of their children.  As BOE members, we will enhance district communication and provide Cherry Hill residents with valuable resources to address their needs.

District Issues


We advocate a long term, sustainable approach to bring Cherry Hill forward for the next 50 years.  The bond must address maintenance gaps in our schools while considering facility improvement and replacement for the future.  We believe that all bond proposals must be fiscally responsible.

Alternative Funding

We support the Board’s ad hoc committee on alternative funding for our schools.  We look forward to their findings on potential grants and other resources that can help mitigate the budget shortfalls we face in Cherry Hill due to the lack of state funding.

Education for the Future

We celebrate all paths of education in conjunction with the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts & Mathematics) approach to learning.  We will continue to support a curriculum that prepares our children for college while providing new resources like vocational partnerships to give all of our students the opportunity to succeed.


As sitting members of the Cultural Proficiency Committee, we are excited with the progress made to recruit and retain a diverse staff by the school district.   We will support programs like the Future Teachers of America and Male Teachers of Color to continue this positive trend.